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What a 4th of July event!

If you were lucky enough to have been a part of the 2024 Eastport, Maine ( Down East Washington County) Fourth of July parade, celebration, festivities, and fireworks you know what I'm talking about. If not, I hope my words will help you imagine for just a moment the joy families young and old, friends (young and old) experienced.

Eastport has been hosting Fourth of July celebrations for years, and this multiple-day event has so much for everyone and all age groups. I loved watching the Fireman's Muster, the blueberry pie eating contest, and the Cod Fish relay as much as the children's pageants, comedy show, and Pancake breakfast at the Eastport Municipal Airport and the Eastport Follies at the Eastport Arts Center.

I was standing next to one of the local downtown store owners who remembered being in the Cod Fish relay when she was a child, and you could see the smile on her face; almost as large as the little girl running on race day.

Like years gone by, Eastport was honored to have The U.S. Navy in port, and this year, the USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98), and its crew complement of approximately 280 sailors celebrated with us! What nice young men and women serving our country and to enjoy seeing them active in our parade.

It is an incredible event here in Eastport and just one of several our community hosts each year. The local chamber has a great calendar of events ( with regular updates and these events are all good!

I know I’m writing on the Rossport by the Sea blog, and let me say these events are incredible for us and our guests.  At Rossport by the Sea; we’re known for holding events like family reunions, weddings, retreats, and even music festivals.  We have event space (inside and out), facilities to accommodate large groups, and most importantly accommodations and kindness. Rossport by the Sea is a place like no other, and whether you're coming to Rossport to simply enjoy nature's serenity on our oceanfront as well as the amenities and attractions of Eastport, or one of the Down East area's many events,  book early! Make plans and come see us.

By the way, this image you see in the blog directory was taken by Don Dunbar, a local Eastporter, professional photographer, and artist. It along with a terrific story about Eastport can be found at

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