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What to Expect

Rossport by the Sea is truly a unique and special place.  I know. This is my place. I live here, mow the yard, mend fences, engage with guests, etc.. I built this place from the ground up and went to School right here in Eastport.  

Rossport by the Sea has a 20-year history of welcoming guests. Never once had a TV in any room, worried about locks or where guests can park, where they can paint, read,  walk, cook, and enjoy as it is all right here. 

Families have been coming back to Rossport by the Sea year after year since the beginning with new or first-time visitors joining in.  While we can't be much farther North in Maine, we are in what is commonly referred to as Down East Maine. Hard-working and nice people. Can you imagine that Eastport was the second business port in the entire country second to only New York?


Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt came to Summer through Eastport via train every summer and their relatives come to Rossport to this very date.  I can tell you more if we get a chance to talk, but here's a hint. Look at the dock remnants and ask yourself why there is that large dock there. This is a historic place.

Eastport is to many, a known artist colony and we honor that with unique sculptures throughout the grounds.   We are a Vacation Rental. Each one is as unique as the guest who chooses.  We honor agriculture and rural communities with our herd of Gloucester (oreo) cattle, Chickens, and Pigs.

History, Art, and Nature, all paid tribute to at Rossport by the Sea. 

We welcome you and thank you for coming to a place truly Magical by nature.

Ross  Furman


Rossport  by the Sea


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